Why are the Control Panel and Billing/Support Passwords Different?

We know that having multiple logins is a pain.  But we do have to ensure the security of all our users.

The technical reason is that we have a variety of hosting solutions, and different solutions have different control panels.  For example, Linux hosting has cPanel, while our SiteXpress clients have a proprietary control panel.  How you log in depends on which hosting service you use.

Another major reason is for security.  One of the primary benefits of having separate login areas for your billing and control panel is that you can have someone else, such as a web designer, update your site via the control panel, without worrying that they will access or modify your financial or billing information in the billing area (client area).

With separate logins, you know that your billing account is secure, even when you have a web designer logged into your control panel.

It is for this reason that we recommend that you never give your billing account username and/or password to your web designer or anyone else.  If you only grant them access to your control panel, then you retain full control of the account, and your web designer cannot attempt to impersonate you.

Another benefit is that you can have multiple hosting accounts associated with a single billing account, making it easier to manage them. Additionally, links to all of your control panels can be found in your billing area. If you forget where to login to one of your control panels directly, you can easily go into your billing area and click on the link, and there you are at your control panel login page.

If you need assistance in logging in, please feel free to contact us via phone or email.

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