Can I order from HostingCT through my own link?

No, sorry, we can't pay commission on orders or renewals you place through your own link.

 Can I see how much money I'm making before a check is cut?

Yes! Check your account status at ANY time! You will never have to guess how much money you've...

 Does it cost anything to join the Affiliate Program?

No! There's no cost to join our affiliate program. You can join for free online.

 How do I become a HostingCT affiliate?

If you already have a HostingCT client login, just log into your account and you will find your...

 How much will I earn in commissions through your Affiliate Program?

Our Affiliates earn 25% commission on every web hosting package, domain name registration,...

 How will I know if I am making money?

Your account will be automatically upated each time a sale is made from your link. You can login...

 What is my affiliate link?

Your affiliate link is unique to you, but follows this pattern: <a...

 When will I get paid?

Checks are written monthly once your commission amounts reaches or surpasses $50 or you can...

 Where do I login to see my account?

Log in any time by clicking this link

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