Top 10 Website Mistakes

You've got a website. Great! But is it bringing you new business? The not-so-old axiom, "if you build it they will come" doesn't apply online. Make sure your website doesn't make any of the following common mistakes.

Long URL / No domain name
When you use your ISP or a free host your website address can be way too long like this: Do your business a favor and register a domain name - something like:

Too many gizmos
Many well known companies fall into this trap using all the latest technology just so their website looks "cool". Too many spinning logos, javascript tricks, and other such distractions can weigh down your pages and distract visitors. You've got 'em there, keep 'em!

Long load time
Make sure to only use images that enhance your site. File size should be minimal for the quality you need. Don't make your visitors wait. You've only got about three seconds to impress them before they leave your site.

Unprofessional design
There's something to be said for homemade things. Homemade apple pies are great. Homemade websites are usually not. If you don't have the time to learn web site design, leave it to the experts - it's better for your bottom line.

Hiring Your Nephew
See above. There's a big difference between knowing a little html and developing a professional looking, functional website that will be an asset to your business.

Long pages
Having to scroll down long pages really annoys visitors and lessens the effectiveness of your content. Keep your pages concise and easy to understand.

Inconsistent navigation
Make it easy for visitors to get around your site. Don't confuse them with different buttons on each page. Consistency is the way to a browser's heart and wallet.

Broken links
Make sure all your hyperlinks work. You don't want visitors seeing error pages instead of your content! There are automated services that can check your links for you.

Using non-domain email
A business owner spends a nice chunk of change making sure his website enhances his business's image. But wait, what's this? His email address is Wrong! Use domain email like It's much more professional.

Browser incompatibility
Have you looked at your site through IE and Firefox, in different versions of Windows and Mac browsers? Your site may not show up well without the proper care.

Now look at your site with an unbiased eye. Is it useful to your target market? Does it give them information on your products, service, and industry? Is it updated frequently so your visitors will come back often? These are the keys to online success.

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