What if my domain name expires?

If your domain name expires, your website and email stops working.

To help this NOT happen to you, we send email invoices and notifications to you starting 60 days before the expiration date.

The renewal notification emails go out as follows:
1st email 60 days before expiration
2nd email 30 days before expiration
3rd email 15 days before expiration
4th email 7 days before expiration
5th email 1 day before expiration

Overdue reminders:
1 day after due date
7 days after due date
14 days after due date
15 days after due date late fees are added

NOTE: These notices are why it's very important to keep your email address on file with us current - so you receive these notices on schedule.

Subsequent to the domain's expiration, it enters a 29 day grace period at which time it can be renewed without any additional fee.

After the 29 day grace period, and for about 60 days, the domain goes into redemption period and there's a fee of $250 to get it "out of hock". That's not our policy, it's the registrar's.

Following these two grace periods, the domain is considered abandoned and may be auctioned or sold.

If your domain does expire and pass the two grace periods, you may look at the current website to see if there is a link to inquire if it is for sale. Or perhaps perform a WHOIS lookup on the domain and contact the new owner to inquire whether they wish to sell the domain.



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