How is customer support handled for my customers?

You are responsible for supporting and billing your customers while we support and bill you. We provide you with an extensive Online Manual that you are free to incorporate into your own website.  If you are unable to answer a client question, you can then forward the request to us, and we will respond directly to you.  This way, we never contact your client directly, and your status as a reseller remains confidential.

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Does my own account take up part of my reseller hosting account space?

Yes.  When you sign up, you must use one account as your main reseller...

Do I have to decide right away what accounts to sell?

No.  The accounts are there when you need them.  You can add an account any time in the...

Are there any set-up fees for my resold accounts?

No. We never charge set-up fees for your resold accounts.

What if I run out of space?

You can upgrade to the next reseller plan for free.

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The credit card you use when you initially sign up as a reseller will be billed for your...

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