Disk Space Usage tool

Use the Diskspace Usage tool in your cPanel to see exactly where you are using the most diskspace.  The tool shows you a summary, wiht status bars of how much space is used in each of your directories, including mail (/mail) and  temp directories ( /tmp).

Below these bars is a list of your directories, with + signs nex to each that you can use to view more detail, like how much space is being used in each subdirectory.  Note - clicking on a directory name, instead of the plus sign, will take you to that directory in your file manager.

Often, if you find you are using too much disk space, you may find some of your mail users have a lot of mail on the server that they did not mean to keep.

Most of it is pretty self-explanatory, but here are a couple directories that may need a little more explaination... do not remove these directories or files.

/tmp directory - this directory holds files associated with your website traffic tools. These are the stats directories for the webalizer and awstats options within Cpanel.  If you remove them, your past history for stats will be removed.   It is NOT recommended to delete these types of files.


Hidden directories contain files associated with webmail, cpanel, and spamassassin/razor.  I would not recommend removing these files either. They are used to keep your programs working properly.


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