Do I Need a Shopping Cart for Online Sales?

Most online merchants use shopping cart software to make the sales process easier for customers. You can choose from many different shopping cart programs that are available. Some are free and some have a one-time or recurring fee.  We've used many different shopping carts on websites we've built, such as Mals Cart, PDG Cart, and others. And if you use a content management system like Wordpress or Invisible Gold, there are lots of other cart options to choose from like Woo Commerce, and Invisible Gold's proprietary cart. 

When choosing a shopping cart for your website, make sure to consider the following:
- hosted cart or installed on your hosting account
- complex shipping options or standard
- what methods of payment will you accept
- security certificate (SSL) needed, or not (hosted carts usually have SSL built-in)

If you have questions, just contact us!

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