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The Spam Assassin spam tool is automatically enabled on all hosting accounts. Spam Assassin does not delete any emails by default, but filters them to various locations on your email account. 

If you want spam to be automatically deleted, click the "AutoDelete Spam" button and choose a score number. The default is 5. Lower numbers are more aggressive ie. more spam will be stopped. (Note - this score is just for the auto-delete function. Click "Configure spam assassin" to set your main spam assassin filtering score.)

Or you can choose to have spam saved in a spam box. To do so, click the "Enable Spam Box" button and create a folder in your webmail (or your email program if you use IMAP). This will move spam to the 'spam' folder.

To view spam in webmail:

In Horde:
1. Click on "Mail" at the top of the page
2. Then click "Options"
3. Click "Server and Folder Information"
4. Under "Spam folder:" click "Create a new Spam folder".
5. Enter Spam as the name and click Ok.
6. You may need to click "Folders" at the top to view the "Spam" folder. If you are still unable to view the "Spam" folder, you may need to log out of Webmail and log back in

In RoundCube:
1. Click "Personal Settings"
2. Click "Folders"
3. Click "Create new folder"
4. Next to "Folder name" type "Spam"
5. Click "Create"
6. If you are still unable to view the "Spam" folder, you may need to log out of Webmail and log back in

Note: By adding the folder via webmail, you can also see the folder in your email program if it's set up as an IMAP account (but not POP3).  

If you check your mail through a POP3 client like Outlook, for example, access and empty your spam box with the username and your email account password. If you do not delete email in the spam box frequently, spam may accumulate and cause you to reach your email account quota. 

Configuring Spam Assassin:

When you click the "Configure Spam Assassin" button, you will be brought to a screen with several parameters. These parameters will determine how rigorous and unforgiving Spam Assassin will be to spam messages or what it interprets to be spam. Let's go through the list of fields and explore what each one means.

Note: The Filter score on the main page is for the Auto-Delete feature, and the Filter score on the Configuration Page is for the marking of spam. 

Blacklist_from: Here you can blacklist up to five messages which will prevent any mail from those origins to get through to your inbox.

Whitelist_from: If you see that Spam Assassin is filtering mail that is not spam, the whitelist will allow Spam Assassin to distinguish it apart from spam and filter it properly. If you want to single out email from an entire company, just type in * instead of typing in an individual address.

Required_score: This field determines how many hits it will take from a particular address in order to be considered spam. The lower the number, the sooner it will be viewed as spam.

Rewrite_header subject: Sets the text that will be added to the header subjects of all messages identified as spam.

Score: Assign scores to a given test performed by Spam Assassin.

Click on the "save settings" when you are finished with your configuration

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