Logins and Passwords

In this section you will learn about three different logins and passwords you will have for your website. They are:

  • HostingCT Client Login
  • cPanel Login
  • Email/Webmail Login

Client Login

The Client Login allows you to access the HostingCT billing, order, and support system. To login, go to https://secure.hostingct.com or click the "Client Login" button at top right of our website http://hostingct.com  The user name is the email address used to set up the hosting account and the password is the account password. If you know the email address you used to set up your hosting account, you can request a password reset.Once you are logged in there are many features you can access including checking invoices, paying balances, ordering new services, and submitting a support ticket.You can also access your cpanel and webmail.

client login graphic

CPanel Login

Your cpanel is your site's control panel.Here you have access to email setup including changing email passwords, file manager, stats, etc.You can access cpanel from your billing/support login account info (see above) OR go to http://yourdomain.com/cpanel and enter your hosting user name and password. The cpanel login is generated when the site is created. If you do not have the original 'welcome' email that shows your user name, contact support and we can tell you the user name and reset your password if necessary.

 cpanel login graphic

Email / Webmail Login(s)

Each of your email addresses (@yourdomain.com) has its own password.  You can send and receive email using an email program on your computer or phone, or online using one of our webmail programs, which allow you to access your email from anywhere. To login to webmail, go to http://yourdomain.com/webmail (making sure to change yourdomain to your website domain name) and enter your email address and email password. You'll see our three webmail programs - you can choose any of them to use - there's a description of each in our Support Manual. Once you choose one, you'll be in your inbox on the server and can see any folders you've created on the left. You can send and receive email from here.

You can use the same email address and password in the email program on your computer, like Outlook, for example. Just make sure to check the option to delete mail from the server after download so you don't use up a lot of diskspace for old mail.

webmail login graphic

Note - if you use a Content Management System (CMS) for your website, like Wordpress, Joomla, Invisible Gold, etc, you will also have a login for your that.

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