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When you sign up for a hosting account at HostingCT, you'll receive a welcome email with all your account information and login details, similar to the sample below. (Wherever you see "yourdomain.com", replace it with your real domain name.)

Thank you for your order! Your hosting account has been setup and this email contains all the information you will need to begin using your account.

If you have requested a domain name during sign up, please keep in mind that your domain name will not be visible on the internet instantly. This process is called propagation and can take up to 24 hours. Until your domain has propagated, your website and email will not function, we have provided another way for your view your website and upload files in the meantime.

New Account Information

Your domain name and billing info would appear here

If you paid with a credit card, this card will be kept on file for future renewals, which will happen automatically, after you are notified of your upcoming renewal by email. If you do not wish to authorize renewals to be automatically charged to your card, please contact support@hostingct.com or login to our Client Area and remove the card from your account.

Client Area Login Details (for billing and support)
Username: your email address
Password: this was emailed to you separately and can be reset on the client login screen

cPanel / FTP Login Details (to login to your website space)
cPanel URL: http://www.yourdomain.com/cpanel 

Server Information
Server Name: host2.52601.com
Server IP:

Domain Nameservers (DNS)
If you are using an existing domain with your new hosting account, you will need to update the nameservers to point to the nameservers listed below.
Nameserver 1: ns.52601.com
Nameserver 2: ns2.52601.com

By using these Nameservers, you are pointing all web and email for your domain to this server. No separate MX records are needed unless you want to host your email elsewhere.

Uploading Your Website
Once your domain name is pointed, you may use the details below:
FTP Server: yourdomain.com
Connect via SFTP on port: 22 (FTP is insecure and is prohibited)

To upload files before your domain is pointed, you will need to manually edit your computer's hosts file. Add the following line to your hosts file to view the website to test your site on the new server). yourdomain.com (this assumes you have not ordered a unique IP address)

How to edit your host file in Mac OS X
How to edit your host file in Windows

Email Settings

For email accounts that you setup, you should use the following connection details in your email program:

Username: The email address you have setup in cPanel
Password: The password you specified in cPanel
Incoming Server: host2.52601.com
IMAP: Port 993
POP3: Port 995
Outgoing Server: host2.52601.com
SMTP: Port 465

SSL must be turned on. Password authentication is required.

There is additional helpful information in our Support Manual and in your cPanel.

Thank you for choosing HostingCT.

Hosting Connecticut, LLC
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